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Rise Wellness Studio

Pear + Ginger Wax Melts

Pear + Ginger Wax Melts

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A fresh clean house, windows open, and a gentle breeze as you set out for a calm but productive day.

Fresh, uplifting, and calming. 

Our soy wax melts are ideal for setting a scene in your home, each scent being the perfect intensity for general spaces, and are easy to use. Simply add to an oil burner and enjoy.   

Our melts are hand made with love on the Mornington Peninsula. Made with the highest quality natural soy. Vegan, cruelty free, non toxic. 

Break off 1 or 2 portions of your wax melts, and add to an oil burner.
No water or oils are needed. 
To change wax, let it cool completely and pop out of the burner. 

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